Denim Passport Sleeve

This is my very first passport sleeve. I never try it before. Every time I wanna make a move, my mind reminds me what if it fails. Afraid of being fail, I stopped my move. Actually, every time I wanna make something for the first time, I always feel afraid the result is not as I expect. This is my big problem. I afraid of making the first move. But this time, I don't wanna think about failure. I wanna try to do it. I left my 'afraid' behind. What I want now is just success, success and success. After about 3 hours, this is the result. And I'm happy with it.

I used blue stripes denim for the outer and plain heavy cotton for the lining. Do not forget the snap button for the closure. One more secret to reveal, this is also my first time of using snap button even though I bought it in July last year. What made me took so long? Believe me... because I afraid of being fail. I don't want to waste my button if I on the wrong track. I forgot, sometimes, failure teach us to be better. And without failure, we don't know what we should not do and what we should do. Failure also a good lesson to us, isn't it? So, why still afraid?

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