Another Passport Sleeve

I tried to make one more passport sleeve and this is the result. I used linen this time. I think it is better from the previous. The best word to say is practice makes perfect. We should admit it, shouldn't we?.,..

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  1. Hi from Japan.. *wave*
    This is wonderful.. I love the stitches you made on the exterior fabric.. neat and creative..!! I've never made a passport cover before.. hope to try making one soon.. :D

  2. Hi, thank you from Malaysia. :). Making stitches on fabric is like quilting, isn't it?. So much fun. But as a beginner, this is one the patterns that is easy to do. For the passport cover, I think you should try it. Once you try, you won't stop making it. :)

  3. la pola camner nk buat berminat utk buat..