Novest Reversible

Assalamu'alaikum and a very good morning.

After a month and a half I did not update this blog, I decided to post on a project that I made some time before. Since I've no camera, I can't upload all the projects that I made within this period. It is not complete to share something without having pictures to support our words right?.

Project I wanna share today is what I call Novest Reversible. What is Novest Riversible? Novest Reversible is a reversible bag which I refer to Novita Estiti's pattern. Novita Estiti is the owner of verypurpleperson website. Click here to go to her website or you can click her link on the left sidebar. She has a lot of projects that she share in her website. Thanks Novita for sharing.

When I was looking at my project's photos folder, I saw some pictures of a few projects I did some time ago including this one. I was thinking that I will have something to post today. I will share this project and maybe later for the others.

I made two of it. For the first one, I totally follow the pattern that Novita made. It has no pockets or extra accessories. For the second made, I reduced the size and I added 3 pockets (1 outside and 2 inside the bag). I used all cottons to make it. Have a look on the photos below. :)

Original pattern


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