Pink Dress

Finally, I'd accomplished my wish to make a dress for my niece. This is my first time making a dress for a little girl. Usually I made clothes only for myself. So, I borrowed one of her dress from her mom and I change a bit on it design (just a bit). Her dress is on your left, whereas my handmade dress is on your right. Fabrics used are Japanese Cotton bought from Isetan KL. It's so enjoying making a girl dress. What we should have is the design we want it to be. Get the measuring and change the pattern a bit or more to make it look different(if we wish).

To say the truth, I don't really have talent to be a designer actually. So, I just follow the original pattern and change a bit. Mostly, they are just the same.

As my niece entered into 1 year old on 12/09/10, so this dress is like 'baju raya' cum birthday present for her. After finished up this dress, I felt like can't wait to see her in this dress. When she arrived at my father's house to celebrate Eidul Fitri, I quickly put this dress on her. The dress was just nice on her. Just a little tight in armpit part. But overall, I satisfied with the outcome.

I think I want to try more since I bought a few of Japanese Cotton before raya. Different pattern of course...

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