Simple Blouse

I made my own blouse and jubah for a few times before. As a beginner, of course there is lack any where. What I want to share today is I think the best blouse I've made until now except the neck. :)

I used MyGFL's blouse note given by my colleague. MyGFL's website that provide this note has been changed and there is no more sewing notes can be downloaded but you still can get some of them in here or here. We should thank to the blog's owners for the sharing.

The note is quite easy to understand but you may need some time to read the step by step instructions and at the same time drafting the pattern. For those who don't have any experience in cutting and sewing blouse, I recommend this as your guide. I have never attended any training for blouse making but this note makes my life easy. Try it and you will believe.

Look like Baju Kurung Moden right?

If you really follow the note, it may be different from what you see here. If you have tried it, you will know the different. I make my own way because mine is simpler and faster. Plus I can't wait to wear my own making blouse. :)

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