For Sale : Hono Bag

I learned to make this bag at Epal Center, Puchong some time ago. Buy items for RM100 and above and we can learn to make any bag of our choice for free. I chose 2 patterns. I will post about the other one later.

Epal name it as Hono Bag as I saw written on the pattern. The instructor will guide us until the bag completed. Recently, I went to Epal but the instructor who taught me before already resigned. He's kind and very soft.

The reason why I wanted to let go this bag is... since I moved to a new house (single storey terrace), I feel like my house is quite crowded with my stuff (sewing stuff + handmade + craft materials etc). My husband also started complaining, complaining and complaining... :).

So, since I never use this bag yet, I think why not I open it for sale. There are few items more actually. I will post later.

Price : RM79.00
Size : Approximately 13" x 8.5
Material : Japanese heavy cotton (outside), soft Japanese cotton(Lining), cotton webbing, 2 magnet buttons closure.
Details : 5 pockets (2 outside, 3 inside with 1 zippered). Fully interfaced.

Quoted price is actually not much different from the original cost. I just want to let it go so that I will have some space for my next activities.

If anyone interested please leave your message here or do email me at
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