The Winners

Sorry for the late announcement. I felt so tired yesterday so I missed to announce the giveaway winners. Now I announce the winners for my first giveaway...

First Prize
is for no 62.Mama Irfan

Second Prize
is for no 24.Azatiesayang

Third Prize
is for no 2.Hana
To Mama Irfan, Azatiesayang and Hana, please give your address to If I do not receive any until 19/01/2012, that means I've to select another lucky person. So, hurry up.

To those who are not lucky today, I see you in my next giveaway... when? ... :)

P/S : Rupanya ada 2 Hana. So, saya letak url untuk elakkan kekeliruan.

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  1. Congratulations to all winners!!

  2. Thanks sebab pilih saya jadi pemenang..dapat tempat ke-3..hehe..saya da send email alamat..

  3. tahniah buat semua pemenang....bukan rezeki nampaknye...heheh

  4. salam suritera..maaf lewat mengetahui result GA.Dh htr detail tadi.Terima kasih ya.

  5. Ok. Tinggal lagi Mama Irfan je yang belum hantar address. Cepat Mama Irfan...

  6. tahniah pada yang menang... ^^