Purple Gray

Assalamu'alaikum and have a good day to all,

Today, I want to share my new bag design. This is my first time working with linen fabrics and I can say I love to work with it. I combine 2 colors which are purple and gray and guess what... it turn out great. They are really a great combination if we want to use plain color fabrics. Back to the design, it has 4 pockets inside. Size approximately 10.5" x 4.8". Since it is quite cute, you can't load it with too many things. Maybe a wallet, a check book, a small notebook and a few small things are enough.

Have a look and please leave a comment or two. I would very appreciate it.

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  1. really gorgeous fabrics and color combo.. (I hardly ever use solids in my sewing..) love the bag pattern..

  2. thank you. This is actually my first try of using the fabrics, color combo and also the bag pattern. :)