This is my first trial in making wallet. Size approximately 6.7" x 3.2".
It has 1 slot for ID card (cover with hard plastic) and 6 slots for other cards. It took 2 days to completely finish (including working time + cooking time + outing with husband + etc). I used English (outer) & Japanese (inner) cotton. 2 slots for the cash underneath the card slots.

At first, I want to have a long zippered pocket but then I stitched it in the middle because the body is not sturdy enough. Problem comes when I want to close the pocket.

So, for the next trial I will change the interfacing and try to make it sturdy enough to hold coins...

Wait for my next edition of wallet...

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  1. If u dun mind i asking, which type of interfacing u r using for this wallet?

    the wallet turn out great for first trial

  2. Thank you. Maybe it just look great in the photo. But I'm quite satisfied since it's my first trial. :-).

    I don't really sure what type of interfacing it is. I think people use it to interface a colar.